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                                                                     B     E     T     H

To describe me in one word.....A Blogoholic! I love blogging and recently set up my own blog; Page-turner. My favourite type of books are romances and action thrillers and my favourite thing to do is blog and read! I love other tween/teen book blogs such as  Bookhi, Bookster reviews, Booktastic reviews and LOADS more! I like to bake and do big art projects in my spare time and as  a typical readoholic, my favourite school subjects are english, history and D.T.

My favourite authors are Jean Ure, Gemma Malley, Sophie Mckenzie, Ruta Sepetys, Suzanne Collins and much more! They all wrote at least one of my favourite books of all times.

I hope you enjoy Bookliss and like all the reviews!

Bookliss Blogger...
beth :) 

                                                                    Z   O  E

Hi everyone! As you can probably guess...I like reading! Well, I love it. I have another book blog, Bookhi, where I do other book reviews, interviews, giveaways, anything bookish.

I have always loved to read books from when my parents used to read to me and when I started learning the alphabet. I will read anything, but my favourite genres are romance, action and thrillers. It is hard (impossible!) to narrow it down to my favourite book, but my favourite authors are Sophie McKenzie, Malorie Blackman, J.K Rowling, Luisa Plaja, Jandy Nelson, Cathy Cassidy...ok, I will stop myself right there before I rattle on for ages, since this is supposed to me about the bloggers...

I am 13 years old and when I am not blogging and reading I like to write, karate, journalism, or just go on my computer.

I would love to publish a book when I am older, and I really want to write my own books some day. But for now, I will satisfy myself with blogging! I hope you enjoy my reviews!